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Self Employed

When you’re self employed, the red tape can make it difficult to enjoy doing your job and running your business.

We know that self employed people often don’t enjoy doing their books or they worry that they aren’t doing it properly. Maybe it takes a long time, when that time could be better spent doing something that will actually earn you money or help to grow your business. When it comes to tax, often self employed people don’t understand all of the expenses they could be claiming and put conservative figures on their tax returns to avoid the risk of getting it wrong, but that means they end up paying far more tax then they need to.

HMRC is putting increasing emphasis on the importance of day to day record keeping for self employed businesses. They are targetting different groups of self employed people – for instance plumbers and online traders – and imposing fines for poor record keeping and the related tax errors. So now is a good time to consider taking on a bookkeeper.

Why should I consider using Shore for my bookkeeping, accounts and tax?

  • We will agree a fixed fee for the work we do for you, so there will be no nasty surprises when you get our bill
  • Because we are experienced and have the systems in place, we are quick and efficient, which translates to low fees to you
  • Your records will be accurate and complete, meaning that your tax return will be easily prepared, again reducing the cost
  • We can ensure you claim all allowances and expenses, reducing your tax bill, and claiming refunds for previous years where this hasn’t been done
  • We are always happy to renegotiate what we do for you if your needs change
  • We will let you know if we think that restructuring your business could have tax advantages, or if there are other issues you need to be aware of
  • We can help you with understanding your accounts and using that information to help grow your business
  • We always provide an individualised quote, to ensure you don’t pay us for anything you don’t need and take into account your particular circumstances.

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