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Shore Accounting are a small business accountant that offers a comprehensive range of accounting services for limited companies with a turnover below £6.5m.

As an accountant for small business we understand that you are looking for a flexible service which provides exactly what you need at an affordable price. With this in mind we tailor our service to meet your exact requirements, for example we’re just as happy to provide you with just bookkeeping services if you already have an accountant as we are to handle all of your accountancy needs.

We work with a lot of small limited companies when they first start trading, often forming the company and then supporting the new directors through the maze of HMRC registrations, VAT, annual statutory accounts and corporation tax. Many choose to go with a monthly fixed fee accounting service charge, which incorporates all the services they need but avoids a large annual bill, although we are also happy to complete work on an ad hoc basis.

As the company grows, often we take on more of the bookeeping and associated work but also that’s when help in terms of management accounting becomes more valuable. We believe firmly that we shouldn’t just be preparing reports or drafting cashflows but that we should enable you to understand these things and that we should work together to ensure you are able to use the financial information in a way that can help you as you manage your company.

Why should we choose Shore to handle our bookkeeping and/or accountancy work?

  • We aren’t auditors or insolvency practitioners, we are specialists in working with small business, so we understand the issues affecting them
  • We are flexible and able to change the services we provide for you as your business grows and changes
  • We aim to build relationships with our customers, to get to know them and add value through our help and suggestions
  • Because we are experienced and have the systems in place, we are quick and efficient, which translates to low fees to you
  • Your records will be accurate and complete, meaning that your tax return will be easily prepared, again reducing the cost
  • We can ensure you claim all allowances and expenses, reducing your tax bill, and claiming refunds for previous years where this hasn’t been done
  • We are always happy to renegotiate what we do for you if your needs change
  • We will let you know if we think that restructuring your business could have tax advantages, or if there are other issues you need to be aware of
  • We can help you with understanding your accounts and using that information to help grow your business

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