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Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service

For many years, the risks of an in depth tax enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have continued to increase.  HMRC officers are also now using new, wider powers to visit premises and inspect financial records.  As a result, tax enquiries are becoming more complex and the professional costs of defence are rising.  So we think it’s important that our customers considing taking out Tax Enquiry Fee Protection.

We are able to represent our customers under enquiry by HMRC. If you are selected for a tax enquiry or an HMRC visit, we will aim to settle matters quickly and minimise the final tax liabilities. Even so, answering all of HMRC’s questions takes time and the enquiry could drag on for many months. It can cost a substantial amount to represent you, whatever the result.

To provide peace of mind, we are have introduced a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service.  The Service is backed by an insurance policy under which we can claim the costs of defending clients in tax enquiries. Clients who subscribe to the Service will also be able to obtain helpful advice about the complex areas of Health & Safety and Employment Law.

Why do I need the Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service?

·         Anyone that pays tax can come under enquiry

·         HMRC are targeted to increase tax revenues

·         HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels

·         Many enquiries are selected completely at random

What does the service cover?

·         Our fees for defending you should you receive and enquiry from HMRC

·         Fees of up to £75,000 are covered

·         Includes costs for HMRC visits as well as written enquiries

·         Includes free access to Employment Law and Health & Safety advice lines

To take advantage of this service click here to view the full brochure and contact us for a personalised quotation.

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