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Starting a new business

Excited, nervous and looking for help and support?

Starting a new business is always a daunting prospect. Do you go self employed or operate a limited company? How do you register? Who do register with? Do I need to open a business bank account? All questions, amongst hundreds of others, that run through the minds of any new business owner.

At Shore Accounting, we are small business accountant and specialist growth accountants and can provide you with the answers to many of the questions you have. We also have practical, real life experience of running small businesses so understand what you are going through.

We have a range of services for new businesses including:

New business start up consultation

We can help you to understand the tax and record keeping side of your business, explore the best business set up for you and make sure that all of the necessary registrations are in place. We can set you up with an appropriate bookkeeping system and show you how to use it.

Company Formation service 

Get your new company set up within 3 hours! We offer this service free to new companies who sign up to one of our monthly accountancy packages, or charge from £75 for a company set up, which includes all relevant HMRC registrations.

Business Plan Service

The administrative side of starting a new business is only one aspect of what’s involved. Maybe you are looking to borrow money to get going and so you need a solid business plan drawn up to present to your bank. Or maybe you don’t know if your idea is viable and need projections to be drafted so that you can see if it’s going to be profitable or how much money you will need to invest. It may be that you are looking to buy an existing business and need help interpreting the accounts and information that the current owners have presented you with.

Whatever help you need from us, we can offer a competitive, fixed price, quote to meet your individual needs.

To find out more, or to book a FREE initial meeting, just get in touch!

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