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Working for yourself doesn’t mean you need to deal with everything on your own

When you’re self employed, the red tape can make it difficult to enjoy doing your job and running your business.
We know that self employed people often don’t enjoy doing their books or they worry that they aren’t doing it correctly. Maybe it takes a long time, when that time could be better spent doing something that will actually earn you money or help to grow your business. When it comes to tax, often self employed people don’t understand all of the expenses they could be claiming and put conservative figures on their tax returns to avoid the risk of getting it wrong, but that means they end up paying far more tax then they need to.

Self employed accounts and tax returns
When we complete your accounts and tax return, we know exactly which expenses and allowances can be included to reduce your tax bill as much as is possible. Maybe you’ve done the bookkeeping and just need us to prepare the accounts and tax return from your figures, or maybe you want to hand over a pile of receipts for us to deal with. Either way we’ll make the whole process as straightforward as possible and let you know what you need to pay HMRC and when. Once your accounts and tax return have been prepared, we can chat through it all so that you have an understanding of what the accounts are telling you and if there is anything you can do differently in future to reduce your tax bills.

Support and advice when you need it
We want to get to know your and your business so that we can offer help when you need it. It can be challenging to make decisions when you’re working for yourself. Should I invest in more equipment? Shall I take on an employee? Can I pay my partner for helping with work? These are the sorts of questions we can help you with.

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