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The role of a Finance Director is very different to that of a bookkeeper or tax advisor. It’s all about enabling you to understand how your business is performing, and why. The focus is on developing and reviewing clear strategies and action plans and implementing them to drive the growth of the business. Rigorous analysis of all aspects of the business and it’s systems, as the basis of implementing continuous improvements, leads to cost reduction and profit maximisation.

Many small and medium sized businesses don’t need – and can’t justify the cost of – an in-house Finance Director. But they need access to the expertise on a part time basis. Our Outsourced Finance Director services are entirely flexible and tailored to meet your needs. Often this involves a combination of regular monthly support (likely to be somewhere between a day per month and a day or two per week) with additional time when you have specific needs, for instance when you are considering an expansion project. We’re always available when you need us if something crops up.

Your Finance Director will challenge and be critical, creating focus on analysis and improvement. It can be uncomfortable at first if you aren’t used to such as approach, but the benefits and value are quickly seen. As a result, you’ll feel more in control of your business.

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