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How do I invoice a customer?

A major part of running your business will be making sure you get paid by your customers. So you you may need to issue an invoice,  so how do you do it?

The starting point is to make sure your customer is expecting it. We all know that sinking feeling of an unexpected bill arriving on our door mat or in our email inbox; make sure you have agreed in advance what you will be charging, what for and when you will be sending your invoice.

What do I need to include on an invoice?

  • Information about you – Your name address and contact details, if you are VAT registered you need to include your VAT number.
  • Information about your customer – Their contact details .
  • Reference Numbers – This can be any reference that you / your customer want to be included
  • Due Date – Really important so the customer knows when you are expecting payment by.
  • Invoice Number – By numbering each invoice you and your customer can easily track payments.
  • What was sold – List the products/services , prices and quantities of each.
  • Total cost – Don’t forget to add VAT if you are VAT registered.
  • Instructions on how to pay – Don’t forget to include your bank details.

You can send your invoice in any format you wish, email, post, hand delivered, whichever, as long as your customer receives it.

The next step is making sure you get paid so make sure you have a system in place to chase people who owe you money. 

There are many ways in which you can make the processing or invoices and getting paid slick and easy. We have developed an approach that we use with a lot of our clients and they find that it really helps them keep on top of it all. If you would like help with your invoicing, or getting paid then drop us a line, we have lots of great ideas to make this a simple and straightforward process for you.



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