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Company accounts and tax returns

We know that getting the annual company accounts and tax return done is a bit of a chore. Our experience of working with companies in a variety of different sectors, of different sizes and at different stages in their development means that we can ensure the whole process is completed accurately and efficiently, whilst making sure that your tax bill is never more than it needs to be. We can prepare your annual accounts and tax return either as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction other services.

Small owner-managed companies

We work with a lot of ‘one man band’ companies. We’ll keep you compliant with the legal and tax requirements, letting you know exactly when submissions and payments are due. When it’s time to prepare your accounts, we’ll make the whole process as easy as possible, letting you know what information we need from you. Once your accounts and tax return have been prepared, we can chat through it all so that you have an understanding of what the accounts are telling you and if there is anything you can do differently in future to reduce your tax bills.

Growing companies

As your company grows, your accountancy may become more complex. The information that’s publicly available about your company becomes a more sensitive issue, so we’ll plan for your year end taking that into account. Our experience with a variety of tax allowances – including R&D tax credits, patent box and annual investment allowance claims – means that we will be proactively looking at ways to reduce your tax bill. We can take preparing your accounts as an opportunity to complete a review of your business finances, strategy and systems if you’d like us to.

Groups and larger companies

If your company, or group of companies, is below the audit threshold we can complete of your end of year accountancy needs. If an audit is required, we can prepare the accounts and corporation tax returns and liaise with your auditors.

It may be that you have an in-house finance department with whom we can work when completing the year end process and if so, we can incorporate an element of internal audit to ensure your finance function is robust, if you would like us to. Or if we act as your outsourced finance department, we can ensure that the year end process is overseen by someone who does not deal with your finances regularly, to ensure a ‘fresh eyes’ approach.

In a specific sector?

Find out more about the services we offer to specific sectors with particular needs and requirements:

Start ups
Science and tech companies
Construction industry
Manufacturing and production
Retail and hospitality (including online)
Consultancy and services
Property management companies

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